The new Protergia store in Ioannina, under the management of ARABATZIS IKE, is the first exclusive partner Protergia store in Greece.

Our store serves over 5,000 facilities in Ioannina, including the largest companies in Epirus such as the poultry companies Nitsiakos and Pindos, VIOZOIS SA etc. Our philosophy is to always be next to the customer as energy consultants, ensuring economy in electricity and high level service from our specialized staff.

Protergia is the Energy Sector of the MYTILINEOS group, and is the largest domestic company in the field of electricity and gas, being:

  • The largest private producer of electricity from thermal power plants. Has an energy portfolio of installed capacity over 1,200 MW, which will soon reach 2,300MW covering 20% of the active and licensed installed thermal production capacity of the country.
  • The largest industrial consumer of electricity, through the largest vertically integrated alumina and aluminum plant in the European Union.
  • largest private importer of natural gas in both liquefied natural gas and pipeline gas sector.
  • The largest private consumer of natural gas in Greece.
  • One of the largest participants in the market of Renewable Energy Sources (wind farms, photovoltaic stations and small hydroelectric projects), with an energy portfolio that will soon reach 920MW.

PROTERGIA manages all the aforementioned thermal power plants and Renewable Energy Units, while at the same time operating in the retail electricity market, offering electricity to businesses, professionals and households, serving the needs of customers for competitive prices, as well as modern and reliable services.

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