Concrete spacers

  • Spacers are the elements that keep the reinforcement at the desired distance from the formwork, final surface of the concrete, acting as supports which, having the appropriate size (height), ensure the thickness and thickness required by the regulations and the study, coating thickness of armaments.
  • They are made of hard and rigid PVC and their cross sections have notches for full support of iron.
  • They ensure the perfect overlap of the reinforcement from the concrete, which means proper static operation of the reinforcement and perfect iron-concrete cooperation.
  • Improve earthquake resistance and protect the construction from fire.
  • provide perfectly visible concrete, prevent rust from irons and corrosion from lime.
  • They are placed before the reinforcement and facilitate the work in ironing with low cost.
  • Falcons and Drippers. General purpose profile for application in constructions characterized by ease of installation and durability.